Five Different Aquatic Experiences to enjoy in the Laguna del Condado

How quickly these summer months have passed! We have enjoyed it, but there is still time to enjoy it a little more. In a blink of an eye, we are already preparing to restart the new routine that is coming in August of classes, return to work, etc. Make the most of those last days of summer and explore new experiences in contact with nature and the sea, in peace and quiet.

Water is therapeutic, relaxing and helps us recharge batteries, which we will need very soon. We suggest you enjoy it Giftfully style, with experiences that fill you with happiness and that you can share as a couple, with your family and friends.

How about closing your summer with a family adventure, all on the same Paddle Board X-Large for up to 4 people? Or maybe you prefer to be together, but each on your own SUP with the Paddle Board @ The Lagoon adventure for one or two.

Perhaps you are one of those who prefer greater stability to enjoy the landscape in Double Kayak @ The Lagoon For Two. So you can share and absorb the scenery while you talk.

Maybe you have set out to try something different and challenging. You can do this by trying Pedal Paddle Board or try new asanas like a headstand by practicing Paddle Yoga @ The Lagoon for Two. I assure you that, regardless of the adventure you choose, you will live an experience that will give you a new perspective of the beautiful Laguna del Condado and the nature around it. You will end up energized, recharged and ready to welcome the month of August.

Live and celebrate it all! No matter the occasion, the memories that living experiences provoke are more lasting and cause greater happiness 🙂 We help you achieve unforgettable experiences at Follow us and discover them!

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