shounen genre and its meaning

In this genre of anime, the protagonist is male, it usually contains a lot of action mixed with comedy, and the target audience is also male.


shojo term and its meaning

It is the feminine equivalent to shounen. It is aimed at teenage girls, the main character is female, and the anime usually revolves around relationships, romance, or emotions.


isekai genre and its meaning

An anime in which the protagonist lives on Earth, but is taken to another world, reincarnated in a fantasy world, or goes to a parallel universe.


meaning of the term yuri

Anime with lesbian relationships, between women.

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meaning of the term anime yaoi

Anime that focus on a homosexual relationship.


It is an anime that is aimed at an audience of male interests, they can be teenagers or a more adult audience. It is similar to shonen, with the difference that seinen is more explicit in its content.


A somewhat strange genre that is aimed at a female audience, whether adolescent or adult.


The ecchi anime genre has sexual or erotic touches in its plot. It is less explicit than hentai. Here are the top 10 ecchi anime you can watch.

9. Haren or reverse haren

Haren anime distinguishes itself when we see the male protagonist surrounded by women. You can even see polygamous relationships.

The reverse harem is the same only with a female protagonist surrounded by men.

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Hentai is a subgenre that contains explicit graphic sexual content. It can be seen in manga, anime, video games, magazines, drawings, etc.

11. Mahou shōjo

Mahou Shoujo is not a beer xD, it is a subgenre of anime that shows us young girls with abilities or magical powers, which they channel through the transformation into their alter ego

12. Wick

It is a Japanese term used to refer to giant robots in science fiction anime.

13. Shoujo-ai

We have previously seen the yuri genre, well let’s say that the shoujo-ai genre is a much lighter yuri. Lesbian relationships are shown in a very subtle way, and from a love point of view, usually without being explicit scenes.

14. Shōnen-ai

An anime with men as protagonists where non-explicit homosexual relationships appear.

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