According to social psychology research, giving experiences makes people happier; both the giver and the receiver benefit emotionally in the long run. According to the social psychologist and researcher at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Amit Kamur, experiences such as trips, tickets to a concert, or a bohemia give greater satisfaction than clothes, jewelry, or technological devices.

Why do these experiences make us happier? Karur understands that the main reason is that we are social beings who like to interact with others and share stories and experiences. A study in the Journal of Consumer Research explains that experiential gifts‘ emotional bonds connect people beyond what money or expensive material gifts can achieve.

For example, do you remember when you participated as a university exchange student or in some educational experience or professional training in another country? Both during your stay in the foreign country and when you return to yours, being able to talk, tell stories and share with others the experiences of what you have lived is what makes it so unique and awakens feelings of enthusiasm and joy. The same happens when we go to a concert. We attend a game of our favorite sports team, and we jump on a zip line, we enjoy a special dinner or a karaoke night with friends; the emotion of what we live lasts us for days, and as a result, they become experiences that transcend through the power of influence.

The same happens in work settings, where sometimes we spend more time than in our homes. Colleagues often become an extension of our family, with whom we generate unique complicity. With them, we laugh, celebrate, listen to each other, plan events and even take care of ourselves and protect ourselves. Given the new reality of COVID-19, this special connection that occurs in work spaces has transcended to virtual work, where we continue to connect with our colleagues through technology. This is how, in addition to working, we can share unique moments, sometimes accompanied by a cup of coffee and from the comfort of home.

We recognize that inspiring memorable experiences among work teams during social distancing can be challenging. For this reason, at GIFTFULLY, we facilitate this process for companies and organizations, offering experiential gifts, incentives, and recognition that can be developed from virtual spaces or in person at the appropriate distance.

With the help of GIFFULLY, companies have the opportunity to integrate these experiences into their following corporate activities, thus promoting integration. From a fun art workshop to a virtual mixology party that allows participants to create delicious cocktails or fun culinary activities from the safety of their home to customized fraternization events in open spaces. All of these options include a host that moderates the group’s interaction in a fun way and according to the company’s requirements.

Let us help you surprise your colleagues and work team through experiences. We can help you design a motivational and appreciation program through acquisition programs, incentives, TeamBuilding events, and personalized gifts with your brand and message. At the same time, you continue to develop and foster the loyalty of your team, customers, and partners.

Visit or contact us to identify the experiences and activities that best fit your company’s organizational culture. We are sure that, in addition to strengthening your relationships as a team, you will be able to encourage a higher level of engagement with critical allies through a

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