Electric arc welding is a type of welding that differs greatly from the common method used for welding.

To begin with, before explaining how it works and what its advantages are, I want to show you the process of conventional welding.

The most common welding process is gas welding, generally used for the jewelry repair process. The flame causes the piece to heat up to temperatures above 1000ºC.

This causes the heat-affected zone to be very wide and oxidizes when in contact with the oxygen contained in the flame.

This process, in most cases, is still the one that gives the best results. In fact, it has been used since the Bronze Age.

Luckily, the advantage of electric arc welding is that the metal to be welded is only exposed to heat for fractions of a second and can reach or exceed 3000ºC in that time. Therefore, this welding is perfect to be able to weld delicate pieces and steels.

Another advantage of this welding is that parts that we previously had to completely replace, such as watch clasps, can now be repaired thanks to this technology and thus avoid the high cost of replacing a complete clasp or bracelet.

I show you a video of how I weld a stainless steel clasp for a watch.

As you can see, the electric arc is in contact with the piece for only fractions of seconds. In addition, the argon gas used acts as a protective barrier, creating an absence of oxygen in the weld and welding point by point in such a short time that there is no chance for the metal to heat up or oxidize, with the benefit that this entails. on delicate pieces.

Therefore, the possibilities are endless: steel, silver, gold, glasses, costume jewelery… in addition to everything that cannot generally be welded with a conventional gas torch.

To conclude and summarizing, I present here the advantages of electric arc welding:

Does not damage the piece by heat
Delicate parts can be welded
Does not oxidize the welded area
resistant welds
Avoid the cost of replacing entire parts

If you have something to weld that you’ve already been told is beyond repair but you don’t know how much it might cost or how you can do it, leave me your message below, I’ll receive it right away and we’ll talk about it.

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