Easy and comfortable hairstyles to be at home during quarantine

It is very important that during confinement we keep our self-esteem high. Even if you’re at home, don’t stop washing yourself, dressing and combing your hair to look pretty. Also, you never know when a video call will come in…

We leave you some super easy and comfortable hairstyle ideas to wear at home during quarantine and look gorgeous.

The semi-collected bun is very comfortable if you prefer to collect only part of the hair. Take only half of the hair from the upper part and with a wide rubber band, collect the hair, or make a curl and use hairpins. Leave some strands loose, they will give you a casual air.

Rolled bun. It is a medium updo and somewhat loose with which you will not have a feeling of tightness in the scalp. Collect the mane and roll it to one side making the drawing of a rod. Secure it with a clip, barrette, or bobby pin.

low ponytail If you are more of a ponytail, you only need a minute and the effect is very flattering. Use a wide rubber band or a bow and it will be ideal for you.

Two little bows Another comfortable and super trendy hairstyle. Don’t worry about making both the same, the idea is to have a tousled effect. We recommend using forks or wide rubber bands.

Casual high bun. It is the typical bow that influencers look great on and that instead makes us look careless. The trick? Do not comb it too much and give it a natural look, combine it with a good outfit and some makeup.

The braid. A classic that favors everyone. It is a very easy hairstyle to do, it has numerous variants depending on how crafty you are, and it is ideal.

As you can see, being at home and looking beautiful is very easy. Which of these hairstyles do you prefer? Tell us in the comments.

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