Many people are looking for the definition of a cuddly toy or any other name they would give to their child’s faithful companion. When we question internet dictionaries, their answers are vague and incomplete.

We therefore come to ask ourselves if we should form our own opinion on the definition of doudou?

We looked into the matter! In this article, you will find some definitions quoted by the faithful Internet dictionaries about a stuffed animal, a cuddly toy or a transitional object.

Then, you will find some synonyms and translations of these same words.

The different definitions of Plush and Doudou

Plush Definition:

Definition of plush according to Wikipedia: “Doll or toy covered with fabric”

Plush definition according to Le Robert: “Fabric with looser and longer hairs than velvet.”

Plush definition according to Larousse: “Fabric similar to velvet, made of wool, cotton, silk, goat’s hair, swan’s down or synthetic fibres, and having a very long hair on one side.” or “Toy, representing a stuffed pet.”

In our view, a soft toy is a realistic or distorted representation of an object or animal. Made in most cases with soft fabrics in a body pleasant to touch and caress.

Soft toys are known to delight children and adults alike! Discover the world of stuffed animals and these realistic animals from our collection of kawaii stuffed animals!

Cuddly toy Definition:

Definition of the cuddly toy according to Wikipedia: “Object providing psychological comfort to a small child (usually a blanket or stuffed animal).”

Definition of the comforter according to Le Robert: “Object, generally flexible and soft (fabric, etc.), that a young child chooses for a “companion” (to play, to sleep, etc.)”

Doudou definition according to Larousse: “Fetish object, generally a stuffed animal, which small children do not separate and with which they sleep.”

You have just read the definitions of the word “doudou” by the dictionaries present on the Internet. A definition is flexible and specific to each person.

In our opinion, a cuddly toy is a relatively soft object, pleasant to touch and cuddle that a child adopts from an early age. Together, they will become true companions to share the wonderful moments of life.

Discover the ideal age to offer a cuddly toy for your child.

The cuddly toy remains in the hearts of children, as they grow up, some separate from their cuddly toy. But he keeps it in memory of good moments of tenderness. Thus, their comforter, transitional object will keep a strong place in the heart of the child who lies dormant in you!

Transitional object definition:

Definition of the transitional object according to Wikipedia: “A transitional object is an object used by a child from the age of 3 or 4 months to represent a reassuring presence (like that of the mother).”

Definition of the transitional object according to Le Robert: “Object (thumb, stuffed animal) strongly invested by the young child and ensuring the transition between the first oral relationship with the mother and the object relationship.”

The Transitional Winnicott object: according to Donald W. Winnicott, it is the first material object chosen by the child from an early age in his immediate environment, which allows him the transition between the maternal relationship and the constitution of objects in the outside world.

The transitional object has a role of “transition” although it is part of the child while already being exterior to it.

Synonyms of stuffed animal and soft toy

Plush Synonym:

Discover some synonyms for plush: teddy bear, bear, velvet object, teddy-bear, doggie, stuffed animals.

Discover a few synonyms for comforter: wife, companion, woman, nin-nin, transitional object.

The translation of Plush and Doudou
Plush Translation:

In English: plush, stuffed animal

We can also use: Teddy-Bear, Stuffed Toy, Plushy, Soft Toy Cuddly Toy.

In Spanish: plush, stuffed animal, plush muñeco.


In french: cuddly toy

We can also use: binky, comfort blanket, security blanket

In Spanish: una manta de seguridad, un objeto transicional

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Sources: Wikipedia, Larousse Dictionary, Le Robert Dictionary, Wordreference,, Transitional Objects by Donald W. Winnicott.

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