Dad deserves infinity

This time is coming when we want to thank Dad for everything he does for us with love. Thinking of something out of the ordinary doesn’t seem so easy. Still, after everything we’ve experienced this past year, we can surprise him with a special gift beyond the material and out of the ordinary. This is where Giftfully comes to your aid and provides you with gift ideas that transcend an occasion and create memories to cherish for a lifetime. Giftfully arrives just in time to reward dad with different gifts, eternal for the heart and memories. We have identified several types of potato chips: foodies, extreme and relaxed.

A foodie dad enjoys good food and likes to try new dishes, dine out or cook. They like wine, craft beers, coffee, and cocktails. This daddy wants fresh ingredients, knowing their origin and the process of preparing dishes and drinks. For his part, the extreme daddy is an adventurer. He prefers sports, nature, adrenaline, and emotion. He is always up for a ride and is an insatiable explorer. We describe Papi relax as someone who passively enjoys nature, taking photos or relaxing in a hammock, the field, or the beach. He likes to lower stress with good music, his favorite drink, relax and enjoy quality family time. Keeping these profiles in mind, we classify several Giftfully experiences that you can consider to surprise him on Father’s Day and let him enjoy the gift alone, as a couple, or as a family.

How about a private mixology class or Puerto Rican rum tasting in a charming spot in Old San Juan for the foodie dad? If dad is a “chocolate lover,” you can take him to a chocolate tasting that includes a guided tour of a cocoa nursery. And, if he is a wine lover, treat him to a day trip to a tropical vineyard with delicious food, live music, and a tour of a beautiful farm in the south.

Give that extreme dad some surfing lessons or an adventure on zip lines, with suspension bridges, immersed in our majestic tropical forest, El Yunque. For a powerful experience, reward him with a day of exploring caves, rappelling, and underground rivers and then relaxing together in a colonial hotel in the mountains. Excursions on wheels in a camper van are also like this parasite. In addition, we have other exciting alternatives so that they can escape.

You can pamper dad and relax with a getaway to the historic Hacienda Juanita in Maricao, where they can have a romantic evening in the campfire area, under the moon and stars. You can also surprise him with a stay at the iconic Meliá de Ponce hotel to tour the historic center and visit restaurants, museums, and other places of interest. Or, how about a golf class and practice with a Pro so that you sharpen your game skills while enjoying nature on a beautiful golf course in the Southwest of the island?

If dad is aquatic, he will have a variety of incredible alternatives to consider. Consider the particular aquatic therapy that will promote your well-being and relaxation or a kayak or paddle ride during the day, sunset, or night under the stars in the Laguna del Condado.

You can start by asking yourself, what is a dad like and what does he like to do? Then explore the variety of experiences, stays, and scenic adventures available in the michaelkors-discount Experiences Showcase; you’re sure to find several your dad’s class will love.

Dare to surprise him with experiences that he will treasure for a lifetime and that he will enjoy with all his senses. Give him the infinite with michaelkors-discount.

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