Clavicut, the haircut for women over 40

And 30, 50 and 60 years old… This haircut looks good at all ages!

Yes, friends. There is a haircut for 40-year-old women, called “clavicut”, which is not that it only looks good on women of that age group, no. The clavicut works well with all types of faces, hair tones, eyes and ages!
Haircut for women of forty

This look may sound like something to you, because it is not a cut that has become fashionable this summer. The clavicut has been reinventing itself since 2013, and we have rescued it for you, because we know that you are looking for and capturing a flattering look for this summer. Well, you already have it.

The key to this haircut for women aged 40 (or more, or less), is to wear it just below the chin or a little further, that is, at most by the clavicle (hence the little name: clavicle). , clavicle; and cut, cutting). You could say that it is a kind of medium-long bob cut.
Short hair

Combined with some French balayage highlights, you will look like a magazine and it will look like you are a few years younger. And it is that this cut, together with some highlights that illuminate your hair, will sweeten your features, thus rejuvenating your face. In addition, it is very easy to wear on a day-to-day basis and it is ideal with some waves. Another point in its favor is that it provides volume, so if you want a cut that gives you that effect of density, this is highly recommended. Also, since it is not excessively short, it is very versatile to style, as it will allow you to wear your hair up or with accessories.

For all this and much more, the clavicut is a super haircut for women aged 40 (or less, or more).

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