Chronological Order to Watch Date A Live: Complete Guide (Including Movies)

Date A Live is a masterpiece of anime art, a perfect blend of comedy, sci-fi, romance, fun, and action. That’s why today we want to show you how to watch the Date A Live series in chronological order, including all seasons and episodes, movies and OVAs. After watching the anime, we can say that this is the best chronological order to watch Date A Live.

This guide is perfect for watching Date A Live anime, watch the anime in chronological order with us. We will tell you what order you should follow to watch the series without missing anything. Let us begin!
In what order to watch Date A Live (Quick List)

The Date A Live anime has five seasons, of which the first four have already been broadcast in their entirety. The fifth season is in full production and will be broadcast in 2023. In this quick list we show you in which order to watch Date a Live, I have also included the movies and OVAs:

Date A Live (Season 1)
Date A Live: Date to Date (OVA)
Date A Live (Season 2)
Date A Live: Kurumi Star Festival (OVA)
Date A Live: Mayuri Judgment (Movie)
Date A Live (Season 3)
Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet (Movie)
Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen (Movie)
Date A Live (Season 4)
Date A Live (Season 5)

Thanks to this chronological order, you will be able to see and highlight the events, the most relevant characters and, at the same time, you will not miss any detail.
Chronological order to watch Date A Live

Next, we will focus on the series, its seasons and Date A Live movies in chronological order. I will also share my general thoughts on the series and recommend which seasons you should start watching for.

It will be hard to avoid spoilers as I go through it season by season, but let’s try.

1. Date A Live – Series Season 1

in what order to see date a live

It consists of 12 episodes.

Date A Live tells the story of a girl who gets special superpowers from spirits. This energetic girl bumps into Shidou Itsuka on the path of devastation. The relationship between these two characters becomes more complicated with the passage of time. Since Shido feels that he can’t get close to her for fear that he might destroy humanity. Like she was an atomic bomb!

2. Date A Live: Date to Date – OVA

what is the order of date a live

Date A Live: Date to Date, this OVA is nothing more than a story that tells how to protect the world from devastation and chaos. What would you do if two pretty girls want to fall in love with you? Would you let them end the existence of humanity? You are the only hope!

The animation of this OVA is very good, the music fits perfectly and I love the characters of Tohka and Origami.

3. Date A Live II – Series Season 2

chronological order to see date a live

It consists of 10 episodes

What does this second season of the series tell us about? It is a continuation of the first season.

Date A Live 2 revolves around Shido, a student who accidentally meets a spirit girl, who tries to steal her powers. The spirits are not adorable beings, rather the opposite, they are hateful.

If Shido wants to save everyone from the cruel intentions of her spirit, and for that he will have to go out with her.

4. Date A Live: Kurumi Star Festival – OVA

date a live Kurumi

The OVA Kurumi Star Festival tells you the story between Shido and the worst spirit. This anime tries to focus on the beginning of the relationship between the two. In how the spirit asks Shido on a date, and he accepts. This is where the relationship between Shido and Kurumi begins.

5. Date A Live: Mayuri Judgment – Movie

This movie tells the story of the date between Shido and Tohka. In which, Mayuri appears, but this is not a normal being. Mayuri has been getting supernatural and magical powers her entire life, and she is one of the most hated beings on earth.

It consists of 12 episodes.

Date A Live season 3 shows you the most adventurous Shido. In it you will see different routines in Shido’s life and the consequences of him throughout the anime.

7. Date A Live: Dead or Bullet – Movie

It is a short film and very easy to watch. In it we will see Hibiki, also called Empty because of her amnesia. She wakes up in a new world and meets Kurumi, after establishing a relationship both will be immersed in a battle to the death.

8. Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen – Movie

date a bullet movie Nightmare or Queen

In the movie Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen takes place in a new world, where you will meet a new story. Where Kurumi wants to kill Hibiki. But why do you want to end the existence of that powerful or magical girl? You’ll have to find out by watching the movie.

9. Date A Live IV – Season 4

order to see series date a live

It consists of 12 episodes.

Perhaps the fourth season of Date A Live is the least developed plot in terms of characters. Still, we see the debut of two major new characters, and it leaves us with an amazing finale, leaving you hyped for season five.

10. Date A Live V – Season 5

date a live season 5

Episodes: Not yet released.

Date A Live season 5 is coming soon. You will be able to see this amazing adaptation of the manga light novels later this year or early 2023.

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Summary of the chronological order to watch Date A Live

To summarize this chronological order to see Date A Live, I would recommend you to see the anime in its original order, after all, it is the best. The anime is full of fun, it is light to watch and very entertaining, with a bit of romance in its story, and of course a lot of action and a lot of science fiction. It’s unreasonably good and if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out big time!

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