Candles to set your home this fall

They say that a photo is worth a thousand words, but when we talk about smells… These can say more about a place than any description that comes to mind. An aroma can become the hallmark of our house, that stimulus that reminds us that we are in our home just by walking through the door.

Now, with the arrival of autumn, we spend much more time at home and that is why we always look for stimuli to find that relaxing space that we need on many occasions. Make the rooms as cozy as possible and thus be able to enjoy relaxing moments while our favorite song plays,

Candles then become our best option, and not only for their decorative value that adds a touch of style to any corner of our home. Its aroma allows us to transport ourselves to countless happy moments and help us create new memories.
Serendipity candles to decorate the home

The candles are perfect to get that special atmosphere in our house. Made in Spain and with 100% vegetable wax, they have a design that adapts to any design in your home. In addition, it has two different aromas according to your tastes and the magic of serendipity inside that will not cease to surprise you.

The first of our candles, the candle has in its aroma different notes of Neroli and Petit Grain opening the perfume. The olfactory journey continues with the freshness and sweetness of orange blossom and ends the journey with moderate notes of wood and musk. A memory through the senses through the summer gardens while you enjoy the warmth of your home in the middle of autumn. In addition, it has a semi-precious stone inside that you can only discover when you completely consume it. Its design, in a sober and elegant brown color with white letters, is perfect for reusing as storage.

The second of our sails, the IKIGAI sail, transports you for a moment to absorbing vegetation. Starting with the bamboo cane drawn in Chinese ink that can be seen outside, up to its most refreshing citrus aromas. Inside, a ceramic piece made individually and manually. And as always, with all the care and affection of this profession.

This fall, give your home a touch of personality with Serendipity candles. Let yourself be teleported through your senses.

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