candles, the sweeter side of the

Those with a sweet tooth also have their place in the new boxes of candles. In the Baby candles model we can find all the whims that we only allow ourselves very occasionally. Sweets, chocolate, jelly beans, everything you can imagine will be in this box.

The baskets will contain the favorite sweets of the person who is going to receive the gift, from the classic lollipops in the shape of a heart, to marshmallows, popcorn, strawberry candies or chocolate bars. Each box is different, letting the candles do their magic.

For this new collection, candles continues to recycle fruit and vegetable boxes to give them a new look, a much more sophisticated air. These are lined with colorful prints creating unique and exclusive designs, since being handmade there will be no two alike.

On this occasion, the selected colors and patterns accompany the theme of the basket, with fresh and more childish motifs. Making these boxes the perfect gift for the little ones or the sweet tooth in the family. Completing the sweets with a small stuffed animal can become the ideal gift to welcome your nephew or your friend’s son into the world.

Once again and as it is part of the hallmark of the Spanish brand, candles is more than a gift. Each Baby basket will be a festival of sweets and candies to enjoy and once they are finished, you can use the box as a decorative object or as a trunk to store the first memories of the little ones in the house.

From candles we give a second life to the boxes, with this model a much sweeter second life. Giving it a third is up to you.

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