Every time we are invited to dinner, we tend to bring a bottle of wine or dessert as a gift for the invitation, but on many occasions this act ends up compromising the host.

We do it with all our good intentions, but we do not know the theme of the dinner, the dishes that are going to be served and surely the person who has organized the evening already has everything under control.

By giving him our gift, he is forced to take out the wine or dessert that we have brought and we accidentally break the harmony that he had thought for dinner.

In these cases it is better to bring a detail that does not have to be consumed during dinner and that the host can enjoy even after the night. If we take these points into account, candles are the best option when considering what to bring to dinner.

Here the candles are the best option. The new summer collection is perfect as it presents three different models that adapt to all homes and all people. With three exclusive designs and three different fragrances, there will be a perfect model for every host.


The EN EL MAR model collects the positive energy of the moments we live in front of the sea. Friends, baths, games, laughter, all the good energy that summer brings us, collected in a candle scented with flowers such as magnolias, roses, jasmine or lilies.


The second model in the collection is EN EL JARDÍN, another of the places par excellence in summer. Witness meals with friends that last until night, or dinners on days that seem to never end, this model is the best representation of that feeling.

Its fragrance mixes the aroma of tangerine, yuzu and juniper berry, conveying the peace that being with family and friends brings us.


AT HOME closes the  summer collection. A candle that when lit transports us directly to the warmth of home and the tranquility that knowing that we are at home brings us. Its aroma of herbs and citrus helps to achieve that feeling.

But the new  Spain sails are not just a complement for summer days. As with every collection of candles from the Spanish brand, inside you will find a gift that on this occasion brings life.

Some seeds that with care and affection will grow to become a plant that will accompany you for a long time. The magic of serendipity will make the plant that you find inside it the most suitable for the moment in which you find yourself.

Once again presents a collection made 100% in Spain. Composed of 200g of vegetable wax and a cotton wick, the candles from the new Serendipity Spain collection offer you 45 hours of emotions.

With exclusive designs and refreshing scents, candles are undoubtedly the best gift to thank hosts for their work and kindness.

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