candles, the magic of the unexpected made in Spain

The subtlety of a match being lit, the dim light of the flame, the sweet smell in the background… Candles fill any corner where you can find them with charm and dreams. They offer that feeling of warmth and closeness, of home and, above all, of magic. But in candles, this fascination goes much further.

Our sail is the first Serendipity sail made in Spain. Inside you will find that magic of serendipity. Hosting a surprise that you can only discover once the candle has been consumed. Because candles is that magic of chance, those carambolas that destiny has prepared for us to discover something fascinating and exciting that, although we did not know what we were expecting, was just what we needed. That happy ending of serendipity is what we seek with each of our candles, that object that reminds us of how wonderful and capricious fate can be.

All our candles are made of 100% natural vegetable wax. All of them with a minimalist design, ideal for decorating any corner of the home in a subtle and elegant way. In addition, our Candle is made of 400 grams of wax and a double wick, which allows it to flood every corner with its delicious smell. A way to become the perfect hostess of our best evenings.

Candles are also a small piece of nature that accompanies us through its sweet aroma. With notes of neroli, petit grain, wood and musk, it allows us to enjoy the smell of orange blossom and orange blossom, thus transporting us to a splendid walk among this vegetation.

It is this love for nature that makes candles also respectful of the environment. And it is that for its elaboration it only uses 100% natural vegetable wax

candles is a young brand that wants to share with society that magic of the unexpected, of candles and the whims of fate. That is why we have been making our candles with great care and magic for more than three years.

Let yourself be dazzled by candles May the flame of your candle illuminate your best moments, and the candles inside you always be with you.

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