candles for mom, her moment, her scent

One day they asked me: “What is your mother‘s name?” And at that moment I could only answer…

It’s called “Good morning, my love”
It’s called “Don’t be late”
It’s called “How was your day?”
It’s called “Everything Shall Pass”
It’s called “Rest”
It’s called “Defend your idea”
It’s called “I’ll never let go of your hand”

She, without hesitation, lost her name to you.

On Mother’s Day, give the gift of time for her. One moment. A silence. She gives something that takes her to the orange grove where she enjoyed as a child, or to the fragrance of peonies on her wedding day; the lavender of the places where she ran next to hers, her little ones, and her orange blossom, the moment where she recovers her name.

She gives away an aroma of moments. Give Serendipity Spain as a gift, a candle that is not only special for its warmth, but also because it holds a surprise inside that serendipity will bring to you, to your mother.

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