Candles for massage and hydration of candles

Our love for caring for the environment makes us continually look for a way to get the most out of our products. Although until now our containers could be reused as decorative elements, the magic of serendipity has once again surprised us, turning the vegetable wax of our candles into our favorite moisturizer in just a few minutes. Here we tell you how to use it so as not to waste a drop.

By manufacturing our candles with paraffin-free vegetable wax, this means that they can be used perfectly on our skin, obtaining very beneficial results for us. When applied to our dermis, the wax works as an excellent emollient, managing to soften our skin. In addition, when it comes into contact with our body, a layer is formed that works as a protective barrier for our skin against factors such as environmental dryness, cold or pollution, as well as preventing us from giving off too much water through our skin.

We can use this wax from the beginning of the candle consumption but especially when it runs out and we must clean the glass of wax remains. It will be enough to light the candle to let the wax melt for a few minutes. When we get a considerable amount of wax with an oily or liquid structure, we will take it out of the container with a small wooden spoon and wait for its temperature to be the right one. Once achieved, we will pour the oil on our skin, performing small circular massages so that it is absorbed much better.

This oil can be applied directly to the skin or mixed with other products to make gels, lip balms or soaps, all of them maintaining the moisturizing characteristic of vegetable wax. The best thing about this wax is that since it comes from our aromatic candles, it already contains a smell that will perfume our skin in an exceptional way.

Without a doubt, our candles will become your favorite moisturizer in these times when our skin faces so many setbacks. Do not forget to put these tricks into practice to combat the effects of using hydroalcoholic gel and frequent hand washing with chemical products that affect and dry our skin so much

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