Being grateful, a new form of meditation

There are gray days, we will not deny it. We all spend, more often than not, an impossible day due to a chaotic meeting at work or an impossible argument with our partner. But precisely, it is those gray days that give color to the rest of the week, and even to the rest of our lives.

And it is that it is very easy to complain when something goes wrong, to curse and get angry with everything around us. But how many times do we thank for all the good? Why don’t we feel lucky to be in good health? Isn’t that more important than the discount code you forgot to use on your last online purchase?

To practice gratitude, from Serendipity we propose a very simple exercise, which will also serve as a meditation. The idea is to define a couple of phrases of gratitude to repeat ourselves as a mantra before going to bed and as soon as we get up. In this way, and although it seems fictional, the morning will start with a different look. If our attitude is positive, what happens to us throughout the day will be perceived differently. Maybe not with a smile, but we will relativize much better.

decalogue of gratitude

There are no set phrases, and not all of these slogans sound the same to all of us. Therefore, although here we propose a total of 10 famous phrases related to a positive attitude, you can choose others. That well you can find on the internet, or that simply and simply has been born to you because you had already heard it or because it has inspired you from some personal anecdote.

The heart that gives thanks is happy, because we cannot feel grateful and unhappy at the same time. The more we appreciate, the more grateful we feel. (Dr Mark Hyman)

Gratitude is the most beautiful flower that springs from the soul. (Henry Ward Beecher)

The roots underground do not ask for a reward for making the branches bear fruit. (Rabindranath Tagore)

All our discontent for what we lack comes from our lack of gratitude for what we have. (Daniel Defoe)

We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives. (John F. Kennedy)

Thank the flame for its light, but don’t forget the foot of the lamp that patiently holds it. (Rabindranath Tagore)

We often take for granted the things that most deserve our gratitude. (Cynthia Ozick)

If the only prayer you said in your entire life was ‘thank you’, that would be enough. (Mister Eckhart)

Gratitude is the memory of the heart. (Jean Baptiste Massieu)

Joy is a heart filled and a mind purified by gratitude. (Marietta McCarty)

What is your favourite? And most importantly, which of them will you start repeating every day? Remember that this decalogue is just one example of the million phrases that you can make your own to express your gratitude.

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