The banana bun is the typical low and slightly disheveled bun that we all do to be comfortable at home, but if we dedicate a couple more minutes to it, it could become a beautiful hairstyle to wear at any summer event. Although at first glance it may look like an undone bun, it is made up of two parts. The upper part collects the hair in a twist and the lower part is a fluffy bun that is hidden almost in a knot.

Its main characteristics are that it has to be narrow and disheveled. And if we manage to get a few loose strands out of the bow, we will obtain a very stylish and chic hairstyle.

The banana bun is a perfect mix between the classic French bows and the typical hairstyles for being at home that we all do, and it promises to be one of the most watched hairstyles this summer due to its simplicity, style, and comfort.

It looks elaborate but it is impossible for you to take more than 5 minutes to do it, you will only need to divide the hair into several sections and use a few bobby pins. The result is a very elaborate chignon that also collects the hair and barely moves, and all of this is done in record time.

Follow the steps to do it at home:

STEP 1: Brush all the hair back as if you were going to take a ponytail. To make it more elegant, you should put the height of the bow as low as possible.

STEP 2: Take the mane and begin to twist it on itself.

STEP 3: When you already have the twist, take out several strands of the hair so that the bow is not so tight.

STEP 4: Continue twisting the hair and adjust with bobby pins so that the knot we have achieved remains still.

STEP 5: With the hair that you have left loose, make the final bow. You can help yourself with a donut, continue twisting your hair or folding your hair with a ponytail holder, yes, leaving some strands out of the bow.

STEP 6: Apply a little hairspray to make your bow last longer, and voila!

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