At what age should you buy a cuddly toy for children?

The search for the ideal toy is a real headache for parents! Let us prove to you that stuffed animals are every child’s best friend. Soft, cute and understanding, these little creatures give your darlings a feeling of comfort and security.

Soft toys are parents’ favorite toys for their children. But did you know that there is a good time to buy a soft toy for a child?

Let’s find out together at what age children are able to have a cuddly toy. This subject is very important for parents in order to understand the true functioning of the cuddly toy in children. We are therefore going to show you two ways to distinguish the ideal age to offer a soft toy to your child.

The perfect time to offer a soft toy to your child according to his age!

Parents choose the ideal age at 1 year to offer a cuddly toy to their children. In reality, the ideal age does not exist. There’s no right way or right time to give your child a stuffed animal. There are a few tips to keep in mind as to the facts of the quality of stuffed animals you will entrust to your children.

The smaller your child, the more care you will need to take to provide healthy plush for children. Indeed, you will check that the stuffed animals do not have buttons or detachable eyes that your little one could ingest.

To avoid any risk of suffocation, please choose a plush suitable for your child’s size. Of course, you can buy big stuffed animals as your little one grows.

The perfect time to offer a soft toy to your child according to his different events!

The idea of offering a large soft toy to your child is always appreciated. To do it right, you have to take the time to think about the plush that your little one will prefer. Don’t be tempted to fill your baby’s crib with stuffed animals like the ones you see on social media. Here is a list of times when you can finally give your child the cutest stuffed animal!

Offer a soft toy to your child when he learns to speak

Children are very attentive to their environment, they listen to their parents a lot and understand better than you think! You will notice that some children repeat the words of their parents.

Once they master the basics, they won’t stop talking. You have surely noticed it in older children. The majority of small children experience pronunciation difficulties at first, but with practice of the language they improve. You can help your child’s language development with the help of a stuffed animal.

The little ones love to play with stuffed animals, together they do anything and everything. Baby’s imagination is very much in demand when he is in the company of his cuddly toy. Any situation will allow your child to interact with their plush toys, which will be a great way to improve their language skills.

Using interactive stuffed animals to practice language works great with young babies. When your little heart begins to express itself, grab a stuffed animal and let it respond. This system is very effective in teaching him his role in a conversation very early on. To make it easier to use from an early age, opt for a small, light stuffed animal that you can hang on his crib and then give him to play with.

Offer a soft toy for your child to familiarize him with contact with other people

Children love meeting the unknown and meeting people of all ages. Being young, they are in the process of learning social skills to interact with adults or children their own age. As parents, you would be surprised to know that a stuffed animal can help children socialize.

Small plush creatures are great things to introduce your child to social skills. Indeed, the children will invent or repeat situations they have experienced with their own doggies. They will put into practice the skills they have learned with their soft toys to interact with children they meet at nursery or kindergarten, for example. Role-playing helps children learn, share, care for others and show empathy, which is essential for building healthy relationships.

Since giant stuffed animals are perfect for role-playing games, your loulou will surely ask you to buy him another one. There’s usually nothing wrong with having more stuffed animals for your child to play with, but sometimes it can go too far. You will have to learn to say “no” to new toys. Most of the time, one or two stuffed animals are enough.

Give a teddy to your child during a special event

Every day, children discover a part of the world around them. This raises many questions that go through their heads, the role of parents is to answer them in the nicest way. Sometimes children ask questions that without realizing it will make them anxious to know the answer. Even if there is no reason to worry. These times can be the perfect time to offer a soft toy for your child.

The presence of a soft toy will reassure the child at the idea of separating from his mum or dad when going to school for example. Your loulou’s soft toy will soothe him in delicate moments, he will be able to hold it against himself and feel the softness and security that his cuddly toy will give him. Together, they will develop a strong bond that will reduce your little one’s stress.

Once this complicity has been created, your darling will no longer want to be separated from his best stuffed friend! They will share many wonderful moments together. Prepare to welcome his magnificent little plush toy during your family activities.

Offer a soft toy to a child who needs comfort

A traumatic experience is never very easy to live and especially when it is a child who lives it, because he will surely carry this trauma into adulthood. When your child is about to go through or is going through a situation that could disrupt his rhythm of life for some time, it is strongly advised to give him a cute plush toy.

It’s not for nothing that stuffed animals are excellent comforting objects. Animal soft toys allow the child to deal with intense emotions. The mere sight of their favorite cuddly toy will take a child from crying to laughing in seconds. A soft plush will allay their fears and give them the courage to face something similar in the future.

The use of the plush according to the age of the child

Children from 0 to 12 months: During his first months, the baby is very observant. He uses all his senses to discover the world around him. Because of his blurry vision, you’ll need to opt for a plush that’s brightly colored and soft in texture so as not to damage his sensitive skin. The soft fur of the cuddly toy at 3 months will help baby fall asleep like someone was by his side.

Children from 1 to 5 years old: At this age, children are looking for interactions, they are looking for a discussion partner to play and imagine many game scenarios. Their games will allow them to take a first step into the social world so that they learn to interact with their friends or family members.

Children 6 and up: At this stage, children have different interests than they had before. They are influenced by their parents, teachers and society. With this, their emotions and feelings come out in a direct way. In this case, the cuddly toy which was previously a simple plush toy can become a confidant or a person to whom the child will ask questions to hope for an answer that will go in his direction.

How old for a cuddly toy, the summary:

Stuffed animals are the most gifted items for children of all ages. They are soft, cute and often affordable. But that doesn’t mean you can gift one at any time, especially as new parents. Stuffed animals look great next to babies, but are best in the hands of an older child who is about to start exploring the world.

Good quality stuffed animals will last a lifetime if cared for properly. Your child’s first doll might even follow them into adulthood. And wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?
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