Art and magic come together in ‘Walkers’

One of the things that this 2020 has taught us is to get the good out of every situation. Even in the worst moments we can find light and the best example is found in ‘Caminantes’, the new capsule collection of candles.

The illustration of the candle is the work of Cuco Cuervo. The photographer discovered watercolors during confinement. This style of painting came to him by chance and it was in the months of quarantine, when the country was going through its worst moments, an escape route.

The small works of him did not take long to become popular. This interest led him to wonder if he could make something even better out of this new hobby. He began to sell the watercolors through an Instagram profile and all the profits were donated to the Food Bank, reaching more than €6,000.

Now the art of Cuco Cuervo and the magic of Serendipity come together to create a unique piece with which to fill every corner. Thanks to its aroma, a mixture of bergamot, orange, lime and eucalyptus, ‘Caminantes’ will become the perfect complement to end each day and start a new one with energy.

But as always with candles from Candles, the real magic lies within. Each candle contains a gift that you can enjoy once the wax is consumed and that will accompany you for many years.

You will have to wait to find out the content of the gift, but we assure you that serendipity will make the small gift you find inside the candle perfect for you.

The candles of candles are made with vegetable wax, cotton wick and are 100% made in Spain, they have a design of 79 mm in diameter and 92 mm in height and last 45 hours.

‘Walkers’ is the best complement to receive the new year and start a new journey.

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