Aromatic plants that smell like summer

With the arrival of summer, many aromatic plants begin to grow during this season. In general, they usually need high temperatures and direct sunlight, without the need for much watering. These plants offer us delicious aromas for a few months that will perfume our garden or our house. And not only that, but many of them are used to season your meals and give them a special and unique flavor. Do you want to meet them?


One of the most popular aromatic plants, especially in Spanish cuisine. A biennial herb that you can easily grow in pots or in the soil in your garden. It likes to be in the sun and in semi-shade spaces. It will become your favorite dressing for almost any meal.


This plant has too many benefits for you not to plant it in your garden. The first and most striking is its attractive purple color and its pleasant aroma. It adapts well to the environment and prefers well-drained soils, with sunny areas and little irrigation. In addition, it tolerates drought very well, so its care is minimal. A little advice that we want to give you is that when your flowers are dry you can cut them and put them in your closet or in your drawers, since their aroma lasts a long time.


Undoubtedly, one of the most appreciated aromatic herbs. Its intense and pleasant fragrance has made it known by many people and used in many things. It is very easy to grow, since it supports any climate, although its favorite season is summer. The semi-shade corners are their ideal place and need regular watering, abundant in times of greater heat. It is quite invasive, so if you plant it in your garden you will have to be careful to cut it back from time to time. In addition, this plant is one of the most effective in repelling insects.

Do you know the best of all? That these and many more plants are within your reach in candles. Our floral serendipity box has everything you need to have a great-smelling summer.

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