Ana Rosa Quintana sends a message with her look by announcing that she has breast cancer

The Telecinco presenter has resorted to her secret for one of the most critical moments in her life from each start of the season.

Today has been a hard day for Ana Rosa Quintana. She has announced on her TV show that she has breast cancer, which has made her audience’s hearts sink:

“Today for the first time I am going to talk about myself. Last week has been strange and very intense, I have left twice before finishing the program, I have missed Friday. Normally, and except for holidays, I have not missed my appointment with you not even when the covid was lurking in every corner and we were confined to the house. I am so grateful to all of you who have brought us here in flight for 17 years that I think I have to share with all of you who have made me so happy these years what most important and hard thing that has happened to me in my life”, said Ana Rosa herself as soon as the program began. “I started this program when my children were a little over a month old and many things have happened, some wonderful, most of them, and also upsetting because this is life. Today I have to say goodbye for a while, I hope it is not too long, I They have detected a carcinoma in a breast, fortunately it is localized and there are no metastases, but it requires intense treatment that will keep me away from this set and these colleagues, who are also my family”, he continued.

After these words, she left the set to begin her treatment. While her companions wished her a speedy recovery, social networks started to burn.

Curiously, for this day, the presenter has chosen a colour that is usually her fetish. Every September, the Madrilenian opens the season dressed entirely in white. She uses a kind of amulet to start the course of her mornings with luck on her side. A colour that is already a symbol for her, a way to create a new and good stage, and it seems that today she wanted the same good fortune that has accompanied her during these fifteen years in the Mediaset chain to continue your side in this complicated journey that you have before you for the coming months. For this, she has chosen a suit jacket that she wears with a top with white lace details. A tone historically associated with purity, innocence and peace. Its minimal and discreet character has allowed the audience to focus on the person and the message, not on the packaging.

The veteran journalist has been the queen of the mornings since 2005 and faithfully maintained her style’s foundations. For this, she has always relied on the house’s stylist, Mamen Marqueño, who knows in detail the presenter’s tastes and her weakness for those mentioned above, white and other colours in the palette such as red, blue and black.

Ana Rosa is also known for her genuine fanaticism for shoes. She is passionate about firms such as Giuseppe Zanotti, Aquazzura, Sergio Rossi and Roger Vivier. She also works for Valentino’s Rockstud model, which she has worn in all versions of her. That sobriety with the white suit we told you about is always accompanied by a pair of shoes with about 10 centimetres of the heel (which she also usually wears outside the set); her attraction to high heels is more than evident. Another detail that marks the journalist’s style is the commitment to risky prints. The geometric ones with striking colours are a classic in her wardrobe. Today she has opted for the white paint, and nothing has distracted the view of the millionaire audience in what may have been one of the most challenging television moments for Quintana.

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