Thinking of a little getaway before the end of summer… Now that daylight hours are longer, and we may have a few days off, take the opportunity to do all those things you’ve wanted and haven’t taken the time to do. In Giftfully, you find ideas and the perfect experiences to give unforgettable moments and share with that person you love. Are you looking to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and in contact with nature? Would you like to try an adventure to fill yourself with adrenaline and forget the long work hours in front of the computer? Thinking about it, an excellent idea would be to go on a road trip to see the beautiful landscapes of our Island and sleep under the stars. Well, the best thing is that you don’t have to limit yourself and choose just one… in the Giftfully experience showcase, you can combine the experiences you want to design your perfect summer getaway. I’ll share with you which one would be mine!

My summer getaway as a couple begins by giving you a Scenic Stay on Wheels. We are ready for the road trip! We pick up our hotel on wheels, and camper van, on Friday afternoon and escape to discover the fantastic landscapes that our Island offers. I’m going north! We continue on the route north until we reach Isabela, where once we are located in our spot, we will enjoy dinner in front of the sea and then sleep under the stars and with the sound of the waves.

Saturday, day #2, ready for the adventure! We are nature lovers, so we head towards Lares, where we will enjoy a day full of adventures with an Exploration of Caves, Underground Rivers, + Rock Climbing. We will live the emotion and adrenaline that this experience provokes, which also includes climbing & rappelling. After the adventure, we look for a spot among the mountains in the center of the Island to park our camper van, have dinner together on top of a hill full of lights and enjoy the cool breeze with an impressive view different from the night before. I love ‘it!

Sunday, day #3, After the extreme adventure, the body asks us for a more relaxing day. So we head south to experience a Tropical Vineyard Picnic for 2. On Sundays, this route is perfect for enjoying nature and the coast and stopping at several cool spots before arriving. We arrived and toured a truly spectacular farm with a diverse variety of fruits and flowers, and cattle. To finish off, we enjoyed a delicious dinner accompanied by beautiful landscapes and live acoustic music from a “picnic area” in front of the vineyard. A super relaxed and romantic evening!

Ahh, it’s time to go back. Whoops! What beautiful days and full of unforgettable memories. I already want to plan another weekend like this. 😊

Did you like the idea? Now design your getaway with Giftfully and create moments that will make you connect with your partner and give them a touch of adventure and excitement. For more ideas, visit our section of pictures of experiences to share as a couple. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and share your favorite couples!

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