The charm of the Eiffel Tower in Paris is the main attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. But actually, there are many reasons you should visit this romantic city. Paris, one of the most historic, romantic, and magnetic cities in the world. Despite what you think you’ve heard of the French, there are few places in the world that are more travel-friendly. While an extended stopover in the City of Lights would be fantastic, most of us would accept any reason to go even just for a long weekend along the Seine.

There are many ways to explore France. Planes, trains, cars: you are spoiled for choice. As a traveler who is looking for a more comfortable way to travel, Ave a paris could be a recommendation for you. This train can be an alternative for people who want to avoid flying in Europe and don’t want to spend a crowded night next to strangers. This train will guarantee the privacy, security, and peace of the passengers. Why is the train always the favorite transportation of many people? The fundamental benefit of the instruct is that it will now not come upon congestion like different land motors such as buses or personal cars. The punctuality of train departures and stops is better than other forms of transportation. You don’t need to be afraid of schedule changes, traffic diversions, and complex ground traffic problems such as public buses or private vehicles.


Traveling by train is very different from when you join a group tour which generally has a very tight and tight schedule or program. By train, you don’t have to worry because the schedule is very flexible and can be adapted to your travel needs. Ave a Paris schedule is very busy and many can give you the flexibility to choose the schedule that fits your travel program. So, don’t worry, you don’t need to be afraid of missing the train or being late because the next train schedule will follow soon. Very timely!


Train Ave offers maximum comfort, a large, soft seat with ample legroom, and is equipped with large windows. Not only trains, but the train station is also very convenient because it is equipped with restaurants, modern malls, coffee shops and dozens of other shops. You can stop by to just enjoy your coffee at the café and see the architectural blend of the hundreds of years old building in stark contrast to the dozens of modern bullet trains on the platform. Very unique!


There is no doubt that European cities are very well connected with highly developed scheduling systems. The development of railroads in Europe over the centuries made the train a very reliable means of land transportation.

Although airplanes are able to connect cities in Europe faster, trains actually have the advantage of having many schedules and routes that go directly to the city center. So it is clearly very efficient, easy and economical because there is no need to rush to the airport or vice versa, which are generally located outside distant cities.

European rail lines connect European cities from modern cities to remote places, from picturesque Mediterranean seaside towns to stunning Alpine towns.


Using the train for most Europeans is a cultural thing. They really believe in the reliability and reliability of their advanced means of transportation and make it the main choice of transportation when they travel. If you’re in Europe, hop on the ave, mingle like they’re enjoying the ride.

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