7 ideal haircuts to beat the heat this summer

With this heat, nothing better than a haircut that allows you to dry it in the air, is cool and very comfortable to handle. You sign up?

We have compiled these 7 celebrity haircuts, which in addition to being a trend, are super flattering and easy to style at home. All these haircuts lighten the hair and thanks to the scales, layers and parades they provide structure and have style by themselves.

If what you want is to lighten and rejuvenate your face, but without risking too much, these variants of the “bob” will make you fall in love:

This cut exudes style on all four sides. You will have one side slightly longer than the other, to give it that asymmetrical effect. Ideal if you comb your hair with the parting on the side. It gives a lot of play if you want to use accessories such as decorative hairpins or make Viking-style braids on the short side.

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>We love the profile effect of this cut. With the inverted bob we will have the front layer longer than the back, thus clearing the nape. This look provides comfort and freshness to cope with the heat. The ideal is to wear it smooth and with the line in the middle.

Forget about the dryer and the brush, with this cut you will completely clear the nape of the neck, you will mark your jaw and you will have a very rejuvenating look. Nothing cooler for these hot days than such a comfortable cut.


Medium layered hair at jaw height. It is the ideal option for very fine hair or with little volume. It will bring movement to the hair and you will have a very flattering casual look.

For the most daring who are looking for a radical change:

Attention, this cut is not suitable for all faces. The shape of the skull must be taken into account, as it especially favors oval faces. What is indisputable is that it is super comfortable, because you will completely forget about the dryer, which is appreciated with these high temperatures.

A perfect mix between the versatile bob and the comfortable pixie. If you have textured hair, this is your summer cut. It works with any hairstyle, but without a doubt, our favorite is with natural waves.

A classic. Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, the pixie is the easiest hairstyle to manage in summer. You can get a lot out of it if you apply styling products and play with different styling options.

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