Your hair says everything about you. How many times have you come to the hairdresser and when you change the color, or the cut, you look like another!

Your hair and how you wear it defines your style. Keeping it careful and healthy makes a difference to the image you give to others, but above all, it has a fundamental role when it comes to taking away or losing years.

With these simple tips you can achieve an anti-aging look with your hair.

Let yourself be advised by a stylist. Our professionals will recommend the best cut taking into account the shape of your face, since it is the first thing they analyze when determining which style best suits you.
Cuts that add volume. With age, hair loses density and volume, becoming much finer, and therefore loses the natural movement it had before. Layered, pixie and bob cuts will be your great allies.
Light color. Dark colors harden the features of the face. Opt for shades of blonde that bring freshness and sweeten your face. If you don’t dare to change color, you can put some fine highlights two tones lighter than your color.
Look for movement. As we have already mentioned, over the years hair becomes weaker and with less life, to restore movement and texture, the ideal is for the cut to be paraded rather than straight. The straight cut marks the features a lot, and in this case, the effect we are looking for is to soften them.
Part your hair in the middle. It is another of the tricks to rejuvenate the face, thanks to it the factions look more girlish. If you also combine it with a smooth medium length or a low ponytail, you will succeed.
The bangs are the most youthful look. Nothing takes more years than a medium-length cut with bangs, it will not only be a trend during this 2020 but it also looks good on any type of face.
mess up. Giving your hair a scruffy touch always helps to look a little younger. Run away from overly polished hairstyles both when you wear it loose or collected.

We don’t have the secret to eternal youth, but if you follow these tips you will take years off your shoulders. Let yourself be advised by our stylists who will always advise you on the cut, color and hairstyle that best suits you.

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