As women grow and develop, they become more aware of their appearance, words, actions, and carriage. This is a normal phase to pass through in the life of a woman.

You can be rich and have no class. Being classy entirely depends on who you are and not your financial status. A classy woman treats people with respect regardless of who they are and their status.

Here are seven characteristics of a classy lady you can incorporate into your life by putting them into practice.

1. A classy woman takes care of her appearance

Dressing appropriately and looking after your appearance always makes you look elegant and feel good. The littlest things like ironing your clothes, keeping your hair and nails neat, smelling good would portray you as a classy lady. You should keep yourself hydrated frequently and eat well-balanced food to keep your skin looking supple. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables to make meals instead of eating junk food. On, you can find grocery stores near you that provide quality and affordable groceries with customer feedback.

2. She’s not envious of other people

A classy woman is content and doesn’t envy other people’s riches or material possessions. Instead, she congratulates other people on their successes and celebrates her wins, no matter how small. Envy will make you feel inferior to other people and cause you to be dissatisfied with the things you already have. Being jealous would just cause you to live a fake life, which is far from being classy.

3.   She’s optimistic about her future

Rather than always whining or complaining about the things not going on well in your life, you should focus on the positive and work toward having a better tomorrow. Nobody wants to be around a chronic complainer.

4.   She knows her worth and is self-confident

She knows when she’s not respected and doesn’t hesitate to leave. Leave that toxic friendship or dating relationship. She identifies people in her life that act entitled or pry into her business or life. She doesn’t tell them off rudely, but she calmly says she doesn’t want to share her business.

5. She’s always punctual

Punctuality is an essential quality in every classy woman. She knows the importance of her time and the time of others and consciously makes an effort to show up to work or other social functions she’s invited to on time.

6. She doesn’t use foul language or badmouths other people

A person who uses swear or ‘cuss’ words too often is never seen as classy by others. When communicating with other people, you should be wary of the words you speak. Don’t let swearing become a habit. A classy woman knows it’s highly inappropriate to gossip about other people or badmouth them, whether in their presence or absence.

7. She puts her mobile devices away when conversing physically with other people

In a physical conversation or meeting, etiquette requires you to pay the other person undivided attention to make the person feel wanted. Pressing your phone or laptop while speaking to other people shows you’re uninterested and you have other better things at that particular period. Being classy entails treating the other person with respect by listening to them.

Follow the above listed to rebrand yourself and become a classy lady starting from today. As you can see, it doesn’t cost a thing to be classy!

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