Surely you have already heard of an original cuddly toy for adults! Discover our 6 good reasons to adopt the DoudouBite! A funny and wacky plush for adults!

1. Funny and full of surprise adult plush

The bite cuddly toy is an ideal soft toy for fun adults with an offbeat spirit and a touch of humor. If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you’ve heard of Greg the Zgeg before or have a naughty, fun-loving spirit.

Think again, the Doudoubite is not a vulgar plush, it represents the male sex in a caricatured way. We characterize our cuddly toy as a funny stuffed animal intended for adults over 18, young and feisty couples as well as our friends who love sex!

2. The naughty plush that will give meaning to your couple

Develop your creativity with the help of our penis soft toy. Our soft toy is the favorite object of young couples when it comes to naughty games. This soft toy is ideal for uninhibiting the sexual act in the couple.

Strengthen your intimacy with games, pledges and other crazy ideas that come to mind. Use our plush penis as a trigger in a funny and sensual erotic game between you and your partner for example!

3. Soft and fluffy plush that will last a lifetime

Our sex blanket has been designed with soft fabrics to give you an unforgettable experience. Its padding has been made with a soft and light polyester cotton. This plush sex will take the shape of your body during a sensual hug. Once rested in its place of exposure, your sex plush will return to its initial shape.

Its quality stitching and padding will last a lifetime! Even if your cuddly toy witnesses your many naughty games!

We have added an expression to our various plush penises to make them more attractive. Yes, penis life is not always funny…

Choose the penis according to his mood! You will find happy, sad, shy and sometimes angry phallus comforters.

Use your imagination when it comes to staging them! We are counting on you.

4. Bites cuddly toys of all sizes for all pleasures

You are not unaware that there are different sizes of penises and among our doudoubites too! The size of our phallus soft toys vary between 30 centimeters to more than 1 meter.

Use your imagination for a funny use of our zizi comforters! For sex lovers, you will be delighted to fall asleep with our plush penis as a comforter or bolster!

Pilou-Peluche has also designed a cozy cushion that does not harden! Find cushions in the shape of a rod very cozy, to offer you an original headrest or an atypical decoration!

Our small penis-shaped cushions are available in two sizes ranging from 30 to 50 centimeters. Our penis cushion combines comfort, softness and originality! Just like its big brother, the zizi plush will deform during each hug and then return to its display form.

Discover our magnificent cuddly toys for adults and choose your favourite!

5. An atypical decorative object

Have you ever seen stuffed animals in the shape of a cock as a decorative item? Pilou-Peluche offers you the opportunity to decorate your home with original soft toys!

Our doudoubites are essentially chosen to decorate a lovers’ room in order to give it a picturesque and naughty side.

Our adult stuffed animals will appeal to uninhibited people with a lot of second degree! If you are not afraid of the idea of having a personalized decoration in your room, adopt our plush phalluses and place them on a bed, dresser or desk for the pleasure of admiring them!

6. An offbeat gift idea

We are always on the lookout for the gift that will make our friends laugh when unboxing! Pilou-Plush has thought of everything! An original gift with a funny and cute character.

Our Bite cuddly toy is a very popular soft toy for evenings with friends, on the occasion of a birthday, a bachelor or bachelorette party, any party where laughter and good humor are at the rendezvous. -YOU !

Make your friends happy! Your co-worker, your sex-loving girlfriend or your best friend would be delighted to snuggle up against a doudoubite for a moment! Arouse laughter and surprises with our magnificent cuddly toys!

We hope you liked our 6 reasons to adopt a Bite cuddly toy! Adopt them and cuddle them because they love it!

For the most curious among you, we invite you to discover our stuffed animals for adults.

Discover a childish universe with our stuffed animals that are sure to please you!

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