6 easy hairstyles and trend this fall – winter

2020 ends and fashion is already anticipating the trends of 2021. Today we bring you a post where you will see what are the trends in hairstyles to end this year and start the new one.

As always, our compilations take into account not only the new styles that are coming but also that they are easy to do at home, so choose from one of the ones that we propose to be up to date.
Jeweled hair accessories

Our long hair will be filled with hairpins, clips, headbands, ribbons, etc. This trend already started in 2020 and will continue to hit hard in 2021. Find your style, with jewelry, simpler, brighter or more subtle, in any case dress your hair with ornaments, they are suitable for any type of hair and hairstyle.
toes in

All fashions come back, and this wonderful hairstyle for midi length hair could not be forgotten. Without a doubt, bringing the ends inward is the most sophisticated hairstyle of the season. Simple, elegant and also, it gives extra volume and movement to the hair. Could you ask for more?
side stripe

If what you like best is to wear your hair loose, try parting it on one side, the effect is super flattering, especially on round faces. The trick is to part the part a little lower than normal and comb the rest of the hair behind the ear.

Bows, pigtails, braids in any type of updo, high, low, semi-updos always look good. They provide movement and light by clearing the face, and if you add some type of accessory on top such as hairpins, a ponytail holder or a bow, the final result could not be more stylish.
ultra smooth hair

Ultra smooth hair is synonymous with sophistication. With the heat protector and a good ironing session you will achieve this elegant smooth effect, whether you have short, medium or long hair. And if you have moldable or unruly hair that frizzes easily, you can always resort to a keratin thermal straightener, with which you will achieve long-lasting straight hair.

With this hairstyle, an effect is achieved with which the hair color lights up a lot and with which the hairstyle becomes the main protagonist of your look.
low ponytail

Pigtails are the perfect hairstyle to survive the heat, but now that the cold has arrived, don’t think that they lose their power, quite the opposite. The high ponytails that we have worn in summer are now low, at the nape of the neck to provide us with style and comfort. It is the simplest collection in the world and combines with any style, whether casual or arranged.

If we have to highlight a common feature to all these trending hairstyles, it is sophistication, this fall – winter will be characterized by elegance and style.

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