6 easy, comfortable and beautiful hairstyles to go to the beach

Braids, pigtails, bows and accessories are your allies this summer to take care of your hair on the beach or by the pool.

The important thing is that they are comfortable and easy to do hairstyles. Among all we highlight the bows as star hairstyles, high, low, disheveled, with handkerchiefs or with hairpins, they are ideal if you are looking for an elegant up-do that is worth going to the beach bar afterwards.

Pigtails and braids can also be a great option. We like high ponytails and with the hair completely tied up and tight, since they will be much more comfortable, preventing the hair from blowing in the face with the wind and the summer breeze. The braids, whether herringbone or root, are ideal to avoid knots and tangles.

High bun or half-up bun

An ideal hairstyle if you have short hair, is a high bow that is made only with the upper half of the hair, it can be a comfortable and very stylish option. Comb the part that you will collect with your fingers and twist it into a bun, secure it with a rubber band, and leave the rest of the hair loose.


They are the most stylish accessories of the summer and in addition to protecting us from the sun they give an elegant touch to any beach look. You can wear them with your hair loose, with braids, or with a low tail and bow.

the high ponytail

The high ponytail is ideal for going to the beach or the pool. It is the fastest and easiest hairstyle to do, and you can also give it a touch of style by adding a scarf or patterned fabric scrunchie. Although we like them strapless, the casual versions with some tousled hair can be very chic.


If you don’t want your hair to get tangled and you don’t want it to be too tight, try some loose herringbone or root braids. If you want to add some complement to your look, hats or plush and scarves are your best choice.

High bun with scarf

It’s our favorite hairstyle! A super easy hairstyle that is ideal if you add a scarf as a headband. The scarf allows you to collect those short hair that we all have at the nape of the neck and also collect the bangs. It is very stylish if you take a messy high bun, loosening some hairs when twisting the bun.

loose with pirate scarf

If your thing is to leave your hair in the wind, a scarf on the forehead like a pirate will allow you to protect it from the sun as well as prevent the hair from going to the face. In addition, you will get a very sophisticated look, ideal to show off in any plan that arises.

Which one do you decide for?

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