There are many objects that will attract your attention. On the sidewalk or inside stores, these are some of the objects that you must see live.

Within the framework of the Chinese New Year, you should take a tour of the headquarters of the eastern country, located in the Historic Center of CDMX. In addition to participating in the costume contest and trying the gastronomic options, visit Chinatown to find interesting products that, in some way, are a bit of that culture.

In case you need to refresh your memory, this space is very close to the Palace of Fine Arts, it is on Dolores street, it goes from Independencia avenue to Victoria street.

1. Good luck rabbit

With the entrance to the year of the rabbit, we could not miss the decorative objects that invade the street and the shops. There are some small sculptures starting at $50, but you will also find this little animal on key rings, wind chimes, pendants, and bracelets.

2. Giant fans

They are half a meter and with various designs, such as dragons. They’re somewhat impractical for cooling yourself down, but they seem useful when trying to help someone else get rid of the heat.

3. Ceramic tea sets

They are teapots and cups with very traditional designs. They are an option if you want to have a tea set for when you receive visitors at home. Although at first glance it looks like ceramic, the truth is that they are made of porcelain, a type of clay.

4. Piggy bank with automatic counter

With this article it doesn’t matter if you are not good with math. You only have to worry about saving enough, while the piggy bank keeps track of the savings you put into it.

5. Retro Perfume Sprayer

Do you locate those tassel spray bottles? In stores there are small jars for you to fill with your favorite essence. In fact, China is one of the three places where the first perfumes appeared.

6. Hello Kitty soda

And as a bonus, although Hello Kitty and this soda hail from Japan, the latter is for sale in Chinatown. It is a lime and sweet cherry flavored drink in a 355ml presentation. To accompany it, there are also snacks such as chicken feet to eat instantly.

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