5 types of highlights that will be a trend this 2021

You see highlights on Instagram that you love, you want to do them but you don’t know how they will look on you… How many times have you thought about going to the hairdresser and making a change of look that looks really good on you and that is fashionable?

Don’t worry! Make an appointment in our salons, the Koupas Peluqueros stylists will always advise you on the style of highlights that will suit you, always taking into account the type and color of your hair, the cut, the shape of your face, etc., for this reason , they will make you a personalized #diagnosis and advise you on the most suitable coloring technique for you.

In this post we have prepared a compilation with all the highlights that we will continue to see in 2021, so you will not be wrong when choosing one of the following techniques.
color melting highlights

Target: supernatural mechas. This technique consists of a fusion of the colors of your natural hair and the color of the highlights, to achieve a natural root effect and the change in tone is not noticeable.

Ideal if you are going to start with highlights and want a natural effect without giving up lighting and an almost imperceptible color contrast.

The color of your hair and that of the highlights blend in such a smooth way that the jump between them is hardly noticeable. The hair is lightened from the roots but very little by little, so that the effect is most natural.
Brazilian highlights

These highlights are very similar to Californian highlights, but in this case what we are looking for is a more defined contrast between the roots and the tips. It is not a progressive color as in the case of other techniques, but what is intended is that very differentiated colors are seen. Of course, the transition of shades must be harmonious, without visible cuts, so that the hair looks correctly with these highlights.
Shadow toning

This technique has been one of the ones we have carried out the most this year in the Koupas Peluqueros salons, it is a mixture between balayages and babylights. As its name in English “shadow toning” indicates, it is a shadow adjustment, a way to lighten the hair with a natural one.

This coloring technique is ideal if you are looking for a change of natural look that illuminates your hair and gives it a lot of movement.
Golden brunette balayage

Balayage highlights continue to be the favorites of our clients. If we have to highlight a contrast that fascinates us, it is the Golden brunette, that is, balayages on brown hair.

And we understand why it is the most demanded technique in our salons, it has less maintenance than traditional highlights, since the roots are not dyed and the hair suffers less because it is not dyed in its entirety and it respects the tone of the base.

It is the perfect option if you want to go blonde, because this technique allows us a gradual and non-aggressive change in tone, the highlights are more blurred and you will not notice lines of color.
underlight highlights

This technique was imposed during the year 2020 and we are convinced that we will continue to see it in 2021. Underlights consist of showing off a two-tone mane, where one of the colors is hidden in the inner layers of the mane. Fantasy tones are the most requested in this type of highlights, since the result when they come to light is mesmerizing.

This technique allows you to maintain a more conservative color and show fantasy tones whenever you want, since they will not be visible until you raise your hair. It is suitable for all types of hair, and by bleaching only one part, it damages the coloring process less and has very little maintenance.

Surely after seeing all these proposals, you will already be thinking about what your choice will be to be up to date in 2021. For your hair, always in the hands of professionals who advise you and take care of your hair.

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