5 easy tricks to hide the reeds

One of the most repeated questions in our live shows on social networks is how to hide the roots until we open the salons. It is true that we are confined at home, but on occasions of necessity we go out to do the shopping, go to the bank, to the doctor, or to take the pet out, and we understand that you do not want to go out with white roots.

Do not worry because we have compiled some infallible tricks to hide gray hair at home that will come in handy until we meet again.

What we always recommend, yes, is that you do not resort to supermarket dyes, once we open the hairdressers it will be very difficult to return your hair to the tone of your file.


1. The sprays to cover roots. This solution is one of the most recommended since it perfectly covers the roots and lasts until you wash your hair. It is very easy to apply and you can find them in any supermarket and in a wide range of colors.

2. Mascara or eyebrow mask. If the color of your hair matches that of your eyebrows or eyelashes, you have it easy. Apply it to the roots and once dry it will remain adhered to the hair. Keep in mind that this solution can cause the roots of the hair where you applied it to leave it a little stiffer.

3. Change of line. Try to change the shape of your hairstyle by making a zigzag parting. The smaller you make the zigzag, the more you will hide the gray hair.

4. Eyeshadow. It is another very effective and minimally invasive method for hair. Using a shade close to the color of your hair, spray the area with hairspray, then apply the shade with a flat brush. Once applied, apply lacquer again so that it is well fixed.

5. Plush like the Outburst. It is the most innocuous way to cover the roots. Take advantage of the new trends in the use of hair accessories and put on a plush or a pretty printed scarf and you will see how, in addition to covering the roots, it favors you.

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