1.5 million diamonds per second in candlesticks

That precious stone that we have heard so much about in books and movies, an inexhaustible source of desire for many, the diamond has become one of the most famous minerals on the planet. Its hardness and impressive appearance have captivated since time immemorial.

What do you think if I tell you that you can have 1.5 million diamonds in our candle flame? Exactly, that’s how surprised we too were when we found out, and we’ve had so many fragments of this precious stone in front of us since Serendipity was born. This seems like magic, but… it’s science!

We know all this thanks to Wuzong Zhou, who has carried out a study from the University of St Andrews where he has discovered that small diamond particles are formed in the flames of each and every candle, specifically 1.5 million per second.

Zhou has developed a new sampling technique capable of removing particles from the center of the flame (something that has never been achieved before), found a pleasant surprise, four known forms of carbon.

It was already known that hydrocarbon molecules existed at the bottom of the flame, which were converted to carbon dioxide at the top of it. Now they have been discovered in the center.

It is a discovery that is sure to lead to further research into how diamonds, a key gemstone in the industry, could be made more cheaply and in a more environmentally friendly way.

We may have an amazing discovery in our hands and under our roof, or it may just remain in the attempt to succeed. We don’t know for now, but what we do know for sure is that Zhou is a man who has undoubtedly changed the way we see our candle flames forever.

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